DIASA Device Refurbishing Program

The Digital Inclusion Alliance of San Antonio (DIASA) is working collaboratively with local technology firms, non-profits, businesses, and donors to fill a need in the San Antonio community to close the digital divide. According to US Census Data, 1 in 4 San Antonio families do not have internet access. Made evident during the pandemic as virtual classrooms became normalized, lack of digital equity is pervasive in large swaths of our city. 

While smaller-scale efforts to address this concern have been launched through a number of organizations, there is currently a gap in larger-scale services. Cities of similar size have established programs where families and organizations in need can obtain refurbished, discounted digital devices. 

Our goal is to build out a pipeline of resources to intake acceptable devices for refurbishing that can be processed for distribution in San Antonio communities, schools, and organizations in need.

Ready To Help Close The Digital Divide?

We are seeking donors, funders, and fellow ambassadors to support the launch of our pilot program in 2023. 

Our vision is to provide 100 refurbished laptops per month as affordable devices from the DIASA Refurbished Computer Program to individual recipients through digital equity ecosystem organizations.

Interested in donating devices or financial support? Email us at dialliancesa@gmail.com

1 in 4 Families
In The San Antonio Area Do Not Have Fixed Internet Access
20% Left Disconnected
During the pandemic according to the city’s 2019-20 digital inclusion community survey.
The Impact
Students from marginalized communities are disproportionately impacted by the digital divide. In addition to limited access to the internet, 19% of underserved students have only one device at home—a rate that is three times higher than it is for more privileged students.
In The Dark
Purdue University has found 9 percent of Texas households do not own an internet-connected device.