About Us

We are the community dedicated to advancing digital inclusion in San Antonio.

Our Vision & Mission

The Digital Inclusion Alliance of San Antonio (DIASA) fosters San Antonio’s digital ecosystem by facilitating the collaboration of organizations providing digital inclusion services and promoting the democratization of digital inclusion initiatives within our community.

The digital divide is an economic and social inequity that creates a gap between people who have the skills and access to fully embrace broadband, communications technology and services, and those who do not. The digital divide in San Antonio disproportionately impacts low-income households and residents with lower levels of educational attainment.

DIASA aims to ensure inclusion by cultivating and promoting public policies and initiatives that prioritize digital equity, so that all residents can fully participate in the digital economy. We envision a community-driven digital inclusion ecosystem promoting the democratization of digital inclusion initiatives through grassroots power-building and community activation. 

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Our Structure

DIASA consists of a Steering Committee, Advisory Committee, and collaborative community subcommittees who work to address the main issues that create the digital divide in San Antonio.

DIASA convenes organizations and members from community non-profits, governmental entities, businesses, public education systems, higher education systems, internet service providers, NGO's, and media outlets working to create a more inclusive and digitally equitable San Antonio.

Our Guiding Principles

#1: Collaboration
Ensure inclusive public/private/community partnerships that prioritize and elevate digital inclusion
#2: Cooperation
Promote a community-centered digital ecosystem in which local government and digital inclusion partners leverage shared knowledge and resources to benefit community members
#3: Education
Provide learning opportunities on digital inclusion topics and ongoing initiatives within the San Antonio digital ecosystem that encourage community members to take ownership of digital inclusion efforts
#4: Impact
Emphasize a comprehensive model where digital access is not an end in itself but a trigger for education attainment, employment, civic engagement, and economic prosperity